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Evergreen Bagworm Moth

A mature bagworm caterpillar is about a quarter of an inch long. Its body is mostly white, but its head is brown. In its lifecycle, the bagworm eventually becomes a moth; it’s not surprising that controlling plaster bagworms is similar to how you would conquer their cousins – the clothes moths. Bagworm moth. Language Watch Edit This. Bagworm cases range in size from less than 1 cm to 15 cm among some tropical species. Each species makes a case particular to its species, making the case more useful to identify the species than the creature itself. At first glance, the Evergreen Bagworm Moth's caterpillar looks like a moving pine cone, mystifying most observers that are unfamiliar with this family of moths. Bagworm Moth caterpillars wrap themselves in a silk cocoon onto which heaps of dead plant matter are laid.

Chad provides an identification: Bagworm Moth Chad provided this link to a Bagworm Moth, Cebysa leucotelus. According to the Landcare Research Manaaki Whenua website: “Caterpillar forms an untidy bag to live in Found on rock walls and houses. Feeds on minute algae and lichen Adult female is often mistaken for a beetle. Last Updated On: September 17, 2015You’ve been watching your arborvitae all summer and noticing brown, spindle-shaped sacs hanging from the branches. Someone points out to you that these are bagworms, a case-making caterpillar that feeds on leaves and can be highly damaging, especially to evergreen trees and shrubs like arborvitae and cedar. 06/09/2019 · To get rid of bagworms, start by mixing warm water and dish soap in a bucket. Then, inspect the branches on your infested tree and use clippers to cut off any egg sacks you find so they fall into the soapy water. Once you've clipped off all of the egg sacks, transfer them from the water to a sealable plastic bag and throw them in the trash. Evergreen Bagworm Moth Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis Haworth, 1803 Family: Psychidae. Subfamily: Oiketicinae. Identification: Body in male entirely black. Wings also entirely black but usually translucent from loss of scales after emergence from larval case. Abdomen long, tapering. The male bagworm emerges as a freely flying moth that is hairy and charcoal black. His membranous wings measure 25 mm in length FDACS 1983. Neither the male nor the female adult feeds. The female lives a couple of weeks, while the male lives only one to two days Rhainds et al. 2009. Figure 3. Adult male bagworm, Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis.

The household casebearer, Phereoeca uterella, is a moth in the Tineidae family of Lepidoptera. Many species in this family are casebearers and a few are indoor pests of hair fibers, woolens, silks, felt and similar materials. Most people know this species by the name plaster bagworm. However, bagworms are moths in the family Psychidae. Morph Moth, known in Japan as Metamor Mothmenos メタモル・モスミーノス Metamoru Mosumīnosu, is a Maverick in Mega Man X2 who is based off a bagworm moth. An unusual Reploid of unknown background, he has the ability to transform/evolve his body by absorbing scrap from other Reploids, robots, and. The common bagworm, Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis Haworth, is an interesting caterpillar. The most commonly observed form of this pest is the spindle-shaped silk bag camouflaged with bits of foliage, bark, and other debris. Completed bags range from 1½ to 2½ inches long. The larva within the bag is brown or tan, mottled with black, and the. Bagworm Moth Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis Haworth Printable PDF Click on images to see larger view. The Bagworm moth is in the family Lepidoptera, genus Psychidae, and is named for the case that the caterpillar larval stage hide in. Newly hatched bagworm caterpillars are about 1/25th of an inch long Fig. 2. As the larvae hatch, they spin single threads of silk and attach to adjacent limbs or plants, where they begin building their own silk bags; they carry the bags upright as they move.

Bagworm is a caterpillar that molts into a moth in the adult stage. They are easiest to identify by the bags they construct as they feed. Damage includes needle discoloration and injury.

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